Monday, March 17, 2014

Senior Designer

Mission Statement: You are a brilliant concepter and designer but also a catalyst for change. You instinctively overturn what isn't working. Your uncanny ability to bring unique, creative solutions solves clients' business problems. You never play it safe, but you always play it smart. You bring the thunder with amazing designs that inspire clients and coworkers. As a Senior Designer, you create concepts and ideas that meet the requirements of the brief. You understand strategy and ensure that client goals are exceeded when executing ideas. You consistently carry a brand's look and feel through all media. You design more than what is asked for because you know that good enough isn't good enough. You captivate clients during presentations and don't freak out over their feedback. You lead young creative teams and collaborate across various agency disciplines.

  • Creates and executes award-winning work that achieves clients' objectives 
  • Pushes the creative team to think beyond what the client has asked for 
  • Plans and directs many aspects of assigned projects, and serves as an integral member of the Creative team 
  • Exhibits the ability to lead a team in a project setting (brainstorming, concepting, critiquing work) 
  • Leads the effort to translate established creative direction into conceptual ideas
  • Qualifies, prioritizes and delegates workloads for your team(s) 
  • Understands the scope of a project and can assist with estimation 
  • Manages many internal details of assigned projects, including finding and/or choosing photographers, working and coordinating with Production and Account staff 
  • Has a strong knowledge of clients' business objectives, brand, consumer and competitive landscape to inform insightful design ideas
  • Expands personal knowledge of design and current state-of-the-art techniques
  • Has an excellent understanding of digital best practices and exhibits versatility 
  • Exhibits strong conceptual skills 
  • 3–5 years of digital and/or graphic design experience 
  • Strong creative portfolio 
  • Ability to command different visual styles/tones using latest creative software 
  • Excellent presentation skills 
  • Experience mentoring or managing associates and/or interns 
Soft Skills:
  • Curiosity for new technologies and emerging trends 
  • Highly responsible, collaborative and self-motivated 
  • Works enthusiastically, respectfully and collaboratively with other project team members, has a clear understanding of how a project team operates, their responsibilities throughout a project and what is expected in critiques and team meetings. 
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